Not enough data for the SYMFONISK in the kitchen?

  • 4 October 2020
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I’ve a playbar, 2x play1 in de living and a symfoniks (IKEA) in the kitchen. Radio and Spotify I can receive on the symfoniks in the kitchen, works perfect. When the TV is on, it goes on and of. No difference when I replace it with a play1. After several online contacts with the Helpdesk from Sonos, last time 2 hours!, they concluded that the symfoniks didn't receive enough data when the television is on. I’ve got a LG TV, with an Arris media box, the tv is connected trough develo’s. I’ve got a Fritz!Box 7581 router.

More than 1200 euro’s equipment and this result is a bit disappointing.




Osvaldo, Amsterdam

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3 replies

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How strong is the wifi in the kitchen? Are you running on wifi or SonosNet? I’d run in SonosNet, on different channel to the wifi. If you are already, try temporarily putting a Play:1 in a physical location between tv and kitchen to “boost” the signal, and see if that helps. If it does, but a Boost to help the signal strength to the kitchen. 

Hi, I already use a sonos boost. Not sure whether the router and sonos use the same canal. I’ll put the symfoniks nearer to the play1 see if that helps. Thx

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You need to leave the symfoniks where they are in the kitchen, or you won’t know the effect of your changes. Do one thing at a time. First make sure you’re on a separate channel. If not, change and see if that resolves it. If still no good, move a Play:1 to boost the SonosNet signal.