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  • 2 March 2023
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I have a multiple speakers in a group, and in the last few weeks have had numerous issues with audio playing.

Currently I have a speaker (Play:1) that is in the group which will not playing audio, but I can play/pause the group from this speaker.  I can also remove and add the speaker from the group through the app via iPhone or iPad.  However no matter how many times I remove or add the speaker it will not play the audio like the other speakers in the group.

Other speakers in the group are two (2) Play:1’s and a Roam.

I had this issues with the Roam and I ended up having to reset the Roam and re-pair it to my system.

My biggest problem is it appears I am chasing this issue from speaker to speaker.  Why?


I have a mesh network set up and it is functional.  I have already restarted it for troubleshooting, and no change.




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Hi @Gordo7787, welcome to the Sonos Community!

There can be a few reasons for music not playing on speakers, so here are a few things to test:

You’ll want to ensure the speaker isn’t muted or low volume, you can check in the app or by pressing the volume up button on the Play:1. 

A good test would be trying the speakers un-grouped then, if they are able to play by themselves, group your other speakers one by one. If the audio stops on one speaker after you group them, it’s likely they’re too far from each other or have an unreliable Wi-Fi connection between speakers. I’d recommend wiring a speaker to test if this is the case.

If none of the above solve this issue for you, I’d recommend submitting a diagnostics and reaching out to our support team. They have the necessary tools available to troubleshoot this issue with you.

I hope this helps!

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You can also try creating the group using different Play 1 speakers as the starting point. I don’t have a Roam and I’m not sure if using it as the base would matter but you could try it too.

The first speaker in a group is used as the group coordinator and carries a bit more load than the rest of the group.