MoGo 2 Projector Audio Output via 3.5 mm cable not working with Era 100

  • 8 March 2024
  • 1 reply

Hi there,

I have installed my XGIMI MoGo 2 in my apartment and tried to connect it to my two new Sonos Era 100s (stereo mode) via 3.5mm cable and the official Sonos Line-In adapter.

In the Sonos app, the line-in is being shown as connected, however when trying to select the audio output on the projector the only two options are internal speaker or HDMI-ARC.

Has anyone successfully connected their projector with Era 100s or knows what could be the reason that it won't work for me?

In the Sonos app, I could change the source level from 1 to 10 but don't know whether this would change anything?

Appreciate any feedback and support!

Cheers from Austria

1 reply

Plug headphones into the projector, and see if there is output. If you’re using a headphone jack, you definitely don’t want the projector set on HDMI ARC. I assume the other setting is internal speaker, which should include the headphone jack.

Increasing the line in sensitivity is a good plan. I wouldn’t jump to 10 initially, but something more like 5, to see if that makes a difference. Note there is a set of FAQs here, in German. 

You should also be aware that any analog line in on a Sonos device is subject to a 75ms delay, which is part of the software, and will make lipsync with your projector challenging. This is why Sonos makes A/V specific speakers with digital inputs, such as the Sonos Ray, the Sonos Beam, and the Sonos Arc, which don’t have that 75ms input delay. The latter two even connect to HDMI-ARC directly, which your projector apparently has.