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  • 3 February 2024
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I am looking to move or transfer a set of Ones to another location where they can be accessed by multiple people via Bluetooth or even if they have to download the Sonos app, and/or add it to their on system as a separate location if that’s possible.  Obviously looking for the easiest way.  What I am doing is taking the Ones to my martial arts studio in hoping to have multiple use them.  I’m not concerned if any services are carried over.  Is it easier to transfer the speakers to a new account and have people logged into that account via the app? 

I’ve seen numerous responses but, it still leaves me at a loss.  This is the breakdown of what I am trying to accomplish.

*Setup a new or separate  system at the studio.

*Have the ability for  multiple people use it via Bluetooth or app.


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Sonos Ones are not Bluetooth compatible.  If you wish them to be a completely separate system, factory reset  them and when you get to the new place choose to set up as a new system in the app.


Thank you and this will allow others to access them via wifi?

Thank you and this will allow others to access them via wifi?


They will need to download the app first,.