"Lowest Volume"?? I cannot be the only one...

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The Lowest Volume on my Sonos One and One SL is too loud. 
The amount of volume difference from 1% to 0% is insane. I cannot be the only one who has this issue or thinks this is a problem. 
I am trying to watch TV at night, and just having these speakers on at 1% is way too loud. 
I have messed with every setting, even played with the volume limit of my paired Beam, but still, the stark contrast from when the speaker literally has absolute zero volume, to just the very next and very first step is wayy too much. 

I have wrapped them in towels, even acoustic sound absorbing panels, but there has to be a better way.. 
It just literally makes no sense why the volume control is so weak

[Which then brings up another question/thought: What do you guys normally set your volume to? I don’t believe I have ever even remotely went past 65% on purpose, and my tv is regularly set in that 12-18 range.]  


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I should have mentioned that the 57 Db was measured while listening to Apple Music through the S2 app. It’s possible that other music services might play at lower volumes, but I have not tested this as I solely use Apple Music with Sonos.

I’ll clarify that with my Play 3’s, Play 1’s, Play 5’s etc I was able to use the S1 app which has great low volume control. When I recently purchased Era 100’s, 300’s, and Five’s to add to the setup I then had to switch to the S2 app, as the latter speakers will not operate on the S1 app. Now both the older speakers and the newer ones all are operated through the S2 app so that I can group all the speakers in my home together. The older speakers are now forced to run at higher volumes than before due to using the S2 app.

I would think this is a relatively simple update?

Please check out this thread 


Apple Music volume has been broken for 9 months now and still no word on a fix. 

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Hmm. Seeing the pinned answer to that thread, Sonos does not see it as broken: “The current behaviour of the sound volume is intentional and by design.” When Sonos does not see it as broken, I would not expect a fix.

It remains an issue, IMHO, on Apple’s side. The Sonos system is operating properly. 

It remains an issue, IMHO, on Apple’s side. The Sonos system is operating properly. 

It's not just with Apple though, same issue with Spotify and YouTube Music


That’s interesting.

Have you provided this data to Sonos via a diagnostic, and a follow up phone call? How far are the speakers from your ears? Which Sonos speakers are involved?

I listen to my Roam sometimes to go to sleep, and it’s only about 18 inches away, and on that, volume number 1 as indicated in the iOS controller is just slightly audible, and not quite enough to really tell what piece of music is playing. This is NAS and AirPlay 2 streams, though. Not Apple, Spotify, or YouTube music. I certainly prefer for Sonos to not adjust the music volume, and provide me unfiltered access to what I’m listening to. If they were to choose to start messing with the volumes, then I would probably be unwilling to trust them not to apply equalizer affects.

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Hi @tmessy, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Sonos speakers can get very loud, though if the lowest volume that isn’t 0 is too loud, then it’s possible the surround speakers themselves are too close to your listening position. Are you able to move your surround speakers to a different location?

You mention TV being too loud, but does this also happed with music?

As you have already set a volume limit on the speakers, I would also recommend changing the TV/Music level in the home theater surround settings.

If you have done this as well and the volume is still too loud, then please submit a diagnostics and reach out to our support team, as they have the tools necessary to troubleshoot this issue with you.

@M. Groth If your complaint is not only with Apple, did you try this?

I am also having this issue.


Volume 1 is really loud, greater than 40db. My cheap speakers can play a lot quieter than this

I have this same ridiculous problem. I have to turn the speaker off in the room I am in.

I have a One SL and have this problem only when I stream Spotify after connecting to my Sonos via the speakers menü in Spotify. I guess this is using Spotify Connect.

My solution is to stream Spotify via Airplay to my Sonos. The volume levels are way lower. I have set the volume limit to 25%.

This is a bit unfortunate, because usually I prefer Spotify Connect to Airplay. But it seems that there is something wrong in the integration with Sonos, I hope Sonos can fix it someday. I bought my Sonos thinking I would get a premium product, which is true relating to hardware but I encountered so many bugs and weird behaviour in their software that I would never recommend it to anyone.



Same complaint. I read with ambient music playing in the background and the only way for it to not blare (on level one) is to play via airplay on Apple Music. 

Same issue. Streaming SonosRadio and min volume is just to high. 

Sonos, please fix this!


(tried volume limit workaround but then it gets into rounding issue and 90% limit at 1 has no output, it seems like very basic coding issue).