inherited sonos in house purchase

  • 31 December 2023
  • 1 reply


We have recently moved house to one with a Sonos system installed throughout.

We have 5 speakers in the living room

2 in the kitchen/diner.

1 in the bathroom and a zp100 under the stairs which they are wired into


We have reset the system but can only pick up one set of speakers (kitchen) which we are able to play music through, though we can pick up static from living room so they appear to be on. 


I'm sure it's something quite simple but I've run out of things to try, can anyone talk me through what I need to do to find these other 2 rooms on my app?



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1 reply

Note that the ZP100 can only use the S1 SONOS controller. After Factory Resetting all units, you should then install the S1 controller and setup a new system with one unit. After this first unit, the other units will be added to the system.

 Please give model numbers of your SONOS units and your router.