IKEA Symfonisk issues

We have 8 Symfonisk in our space - since the update the speakers cut in and out, are generally unresponsive and when I factory reset the speakers one by one, an error message says that it can’t be linked to my account. 


I’ve tried transferring ownership but it doesn’t solve the issues of the music cutting in and out. 


Does anyone have a fix? The speakers had been rendered useless as a result. Completely unusable. 

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I’m having the exact same issue, all speakers are currently useless and have been since last week. I tried calling Sonos support at exactly 9:00am when the lines opened and have been waiting on hold for a while now. This is really frustrating, and I’m worried there isn’t going to be a fix any time soon considering how little the Sonos team seems to care about all these issues with the new app from their AMA yesterday.

Update: Sonos Radio is the only thing that works