How to use Sonos on a google Nest wifi?

  • 17 March 2023
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Hello !

I decided to improve the performance of my home wifi connection by using Google Nest Wifi.

As a result, I no longer connect to the wifi of my internet provider's router, but to the wifi network of the Google nest box.

Since I did this, the speed at home is much better, but I can't play music from the Sonos application.

If I reconnect to my original wifi (my provider's box) and reset the Sonos conf, it works.

If I reconnect to my Google wifi and I reset my Sonos system, it doesn't work anymore, on any Sonos service, I use Youtube Music, and it gives me an error 701.

Do you know what I can do?

I am using the default settings of Google Nest Wifi, I have not customized anything! 

3 replies

I forgot to mention that I can see my devices in the application, I can manipulate them (split and group), but I can't play music on them

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First off, my experience of using Google (Nest) Wi-Fi wasn’t great for products like Sonos!  The automatic channel switching and the inability to select a specific Wi-Fi channel were major factors.

A question first:  Have you changed your Wi-Fi SSID and Password for your Google Wi-Fi to match your old router setup?

Did you follow the steps in this article: Connect Sonos to a new router or Wi-Fi network | Sonos


Hello !

Thank you for your reply,

And no, my first wifi has a different SSID and password than my current wifi.

I spent 2 hours on the phone with a Sonos advisor and we did a lot of manipulations (reset, reconfigure, factory reset, etc.) But nothing to do :(