How to remove product or speaker or room from list

  • 7 September 2023
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Let’s say you have set up two rooms, or somehow duplicated your main room and now speakers are in the wrong place.   In my case, I had two living room setups.

There is no way to delete a speaker, or room setup that I could find.

After spending all kinds of time trying to find an answer, I figured this out. I just went to ADD a speaker to the correct living room, at which point it will ask to remove it from the other setup.  To make it easier, rename the other system to bathroom or something so you are not confused with the two living room setups you might have.



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Hi @nostresshere,

Likely what happened is that your Soundbar was its own room and your surround speakers were set up as a separate stereo pair. The way you added them is the correct way to create a home theatre surround system. We do recommend that you separated the stereo pair in the Sonos app before adding them to the other room.

The room names are just that, names for your speakers. You could have all speakers in your system named ‘Living room’ if you wanted and it wouldn’t effect how your system runs, except maybe voice commands and a general confusion on what room is what.

I’m happy to hear you were able to get your speakers all in the same setup and working. I’m sure your post will also help other users who run into a similar situation!