Era 300 trueplay not working since latest ios/sonos app update?

  • 6 March 2024
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Hi everyone,

For some time I have had Arc, Sub3, and ERA 300s as surrounds. I also had a single ERA 300 in my office. 


All were absolutely fine and tuned with trueplay.


Recently I bought a second ERA300 to make a stereo pair in my office and went to trueplay them. This is where the problems began. No matter what I do, they will not complete the advanced trueplay tuning. 


I have tried:


  • disabling iphone bluetooth
  • force closing all apps except sonos
  • separating the pair and running trueplay advanced as singles - both fail
  • factory reset and as above - same result - fail
  • pair them again and run advanced trueplay - fail

All of the above I have also run with another iphone - same results...


Oddly, the quick tune version of trueplay does complete, but only perhaps 1 time out of every 3 attempts, so we can be sure that wifi is working fine. They also happily play music from the sonos app, so again no wifi issues.


Even more oddly, the sonos site says ‘Note that quick tuning is not available when an Era 100 or Era 300 is being used in a stereo pair or as a home theater surround speaker.’ 

Tune your Era 100 or Era 300 with Trueplay | Sonos


Well it most surely is available with my stereo pair!


I’m not brave enough to try trueplaying my arc setup, in case it ruins the setup and I find myself in the same situation!


Lastly, sometimes changing the song that is playing with the sonos app results in one speaker changing to the newly selected song and the other staying with the old one - a pause and resume usually solves that. Similarly a pause using the touch controls on one speaker will sometimes result in only that speaker pausing, but the other continues to play. Again a pause/resume seems to correct it.


I have loads of sonos stuff around the house and have been running them for over a year with zero problems, in face I’d come to believe sonos to be pretty much bullet-proof, so am surprised at where I find myself.


Has anyone else experienced this / got any ideas?


p.s. for the love of all that is good, Sonos, bring out a balance control for the ERA 300 in stereo pair mode. Unless you are sitting dead-centre, one side always sounds lounder than the other, so no, spacial and trueplay absolutely do not take care of that!


5 replies

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First thought the 300s are WiFi or wired Ethernet only, no SonosNet. Are your other Sonos wired or on SonosNet? If so it may be a WiFi issue.


All of my Sonos kit is connected by wifi and the rest of it works fine. 


As mentioned until I bought the second ERA300, the first also worked fine and would truplay without issue. There is surely a ghost in the machine..

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Rats, there went the easy answer. :-(

Might be time to run Trueplay again, capture a diagnostic as soon as it finishes and note the number provided. Call Sonos support with the number and see if they can see anything in the internal data that we users can’t see.

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I agree with @Stanley_4 . My gut tells me there is a Wi-Fi issue. However running the diagnostic as suggested is your best option. 

On another note…I also have a stereo pair of Era 300’s and sometimes at first start one speaker will have to catch up with the other. Doesn’t happen very often not even enough (IMO) to run a diagnostic. I have quite a lot (and mean a lot) of devices on Wi-Fi which includes 32 Sonos units. Therefore I attribute the lag between the two Era 300’s to Wi-Fi interference. Once again it occurs too little to raise a concern.

One more note….My Era 300’s are in an open space (family room/kitchen) and I don’t have to be dead center to enjoy the music. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Once the music is playing I forget the location of the speakers after a while and the music seems to fill the space. I purposely used the term “space” rather than “room” which in the strict sense typically denotes four (4) walls. Actually, IMO the Era 300’s present a more open non-directional presentation even without Spatial Audio content. Very good for entertaining guests. 

A last note (I promise 😊) when I want a traditional stereo experience I retreat to my media “room” where I have two Fives. 


It’s true that they fill the space nicely, but if sitting off centre in a small room then whichever I am closest too seems to be the source for vocals. If I sit dead centre then the vocals ‘float’ in the air between the two. 

It’s not a deal breaker, as I’ve been able to rejig things to accommodate, but a balance control would make things a whole lot easier and allow me to place them in my preferred locations.


I’ve a second call to schedule with sonos support, as they now won’t run quick tune either.