Era 300 speakers not playing sound on bluetooth

  • 18 June 2023
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I have a pair of era 300 speakers. When i connect to them with bluetooth no sound comes out. Tried with several different devices both apple and android. You can see through the sonos app it shows connected on bluetooth. The sound is playing on my device. The speakers just wont relay the sound. They worked fine at the beginning. Then it got harder to get them to play. I would have to connect and reconnect. Then it would work again. Then it got worse. I had to repair them. Now no mater what i do the sound will not go through. Works fine on wifi but will not work on bluetooth at all. Tried with friends phones and same thing. They connect but will not play sound. 


5 replies

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It might be worth talking to Sonos support and see whether they can detect any issues. Have you tried the Bluetooth link to the other speaker in the pair? What about if you temporarily un-stereo-pair them?

I have tried to un stereo the pair. When i first started having issues i found that connecting the master of the 2 first would help make them play but even that doesn't work now and having un paired had no effect but thanks for the suggestion. I'm willing to try anything i haven't tried yet at this poi. 

it happens to me as well. Could you fix it?


I have the same problem.

It’s very frustrating to have spent +1000 us$ in 2 sonos era 300 and sub mini and can’t make them work on BT.



What did Sonos Support say when you called in?