Era 300 speaker pair - sync failed

  • 3 March 2024
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last night I was streaming audio from a Fire Stick to a pair of Era 300. Everything worked great for over an hour. Then suddenly the audio stopped for about half a second, and when it returned the two speakers were not in sync, there was a half-seconds lag between them.

Re-pairing Bluetooth did not fix it. We only got it to work again by breaking the Era 300 pair and then pairing them to each other again.

Can anyone suggest a cause and fix?









Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 5 March 2024, 09:51

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8 replies

Apparently it happens with Headphones and FireTV too  if using Bluetooth - Here’s one way to fix the issue that I stumbled upon… it looks like it’s a case of ‘briefly’ switching the audio codec output within the FireTV settings…

There are other reports of the FireTV losing sync if you do an online search. I would perhaps also make sure you’re using the latest software updates on each of the devices involved in the A/V setup.


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Which version of the Firestick are you using? Maybe updating to a newer and more capable one would help? The 4K Max is on sale for $40 here, others are on sale too.

There is a comparison chart way down the page.

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Thanks Ken.It’s the 4K I am using (not the Max). However I dn’t believe the Bluetooth connection between Fire Stick and speakers failed - they’re only a few feet apart anyway. It seemed to be the sync between the speakers themselves.

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Thanks Stanley. Let me look at the 4K versus the 4K Max.

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Turns out that I’m already using the 4K Max…..

Turns out that I’m already using the 4K Max…..

As mentioned earlier, if you look online, folk have the issue with the Amazon Firestick and Bluetooth headphones speakers going out of sync too. 

My thoughts are to perhaps try a different Bluetooth sending device and see what happens with that and if the problem persists it maybe best to reproduce the issue and then immediately submit a Sonos system diagnostic report from within the Sonos App, note it’s reference and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK and see what the Staff can perhaps suggest to resolve the matter.


TV audio is quite demanding over a wireless SBC Bluetooth connection anyway and you would likely be far better off using a wired connection over S/PDIF Optical, or HDMI-ARC/eARC connection instead. So adding a Sonos Amp or Soundbar into the mix, would likely resolve the matter instead of relying on an SBC Bluetooth connection, which is more geared for dialogue and stereo music audio.

It’s not like the Era BT receivers support the Bluetooth low latency codecs in the first place, such as AptX LL.

The SBC codec is more geared towards music playback. I’m actually surprised to hear the TV plays in lip-sync with the video on the TV screen in the first place, even over a single speaker, never-mind a stereo pair. 

I would certainly try a different Bluetooth sending device and then take the matter forward from there, if the issue persists.

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I’ve given up and reverted to LineIn