Era 300 mounted right side up or upside down?

I want to mount 1 Era 300 in the center of big open area as a main speaker for back ground listening. I have angled vaulted ceilings. In other words, the wall I'm mounting it on is about 12ft high and the wall directly across the room is 8ft tall. 

I plan on mounting it around 9ft  off thew floor… its my best option. My question is do I mount it right side up or upside down. I know Sonos says that you need at least 2ft clearance above the speaker. I will have 3 to 3.5 ft clearance above the speaker mounting it right side up. Which is best? 


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Hi @Scott1W,

In the official Era 300 guide, it is recommended to mount upside down when within 2 ft of the ceiling: 

“If you are mounting Era 300 within 2 ft (.61 m) of a ceiling, place it upside down for the best sound.”

If possible, I would recommend you test both to see what sounds great for you, as only you know what sounds best to you. If you aren’t able to test before you install, then as you’ll be within 3/3.5 ft, mounting right side up would be fine.

I hope this information helps!

Hi Jamie,

I figured that would be the answer, to see what sounds best. I was just wondering, since they are made for firing up it would always be best to do so, considering I still have about 4ft of clearance above them. I would have no question if I was within 2ft of the ceiling, but I’m not… I just thought someone would have experience with a similar set up.