Era 100 Line-In Question, Single Speaker Delay?

I am considering getting a Era 100 to connect to my computer via the new USB-C Line-In. Before anyone jumps on me that it’s not its intended use, they actually mention it on the Era 100 product page it says:


Line In

Unlock new listening possibilities

Connect a turntable, computer, or other audio source using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.


I understand the required sync delay when grouping rooms or wireless stereo pairs, but I’m hoping it’s less than 75ms for a single Line-In device with the new Era’s.


I know most Sonos speakers there is a minimum 75ms delay introduced.  My question is, if you have a single Era 100 (not a wireless stereo pair, not grouped with any other rooms) connected via Line-In to a computer (or TV, or turntable) will you still get the 75ms delay, or is it lower?  Anyone with a single Era tested?  Since computer and turntable are being advertised as a feature of the Line-In and I know the delay was a discussed issue in the past using Sonos speakers with these devices, I was wondering if anything had been re-engineered for the ERA line since the Line-In is specifically advertising toward them now?


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Aux out would be possible, yes. On the computer "microphone” seems an “in” to me, not an “out”. Not sure if a speaker connection would work. Sonos can reach out to your computer however, to play the music stored on it, se (max 65k songs) or use Plex.

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What about using the Era 100 or Era 300 with only a USB-C to USB-C cable from a USB-C port of a Mac, without the SONOS audio adapter. Should this work?


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In this thread the SONOS staff is not so sure.


See the answer in the other thread that you posted the same question in.