Era 100 - Bluetooth Cutting Out when Grouped

  • 20 May 2024
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My turntable and Era 100 are Bluetooth paired with no playback issues. When I group my other speakers, the sound cuts in and out every few minutes. The Era 100 however is unaffected. 

The never happens when I stream music over WIFI, and the speakers are all with a close proximity of each other.

Is there a way to resolve this at all?

5 replies

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*Update* for anyone who cares. I was chatting to customer support about this. The conversation went round in circles with no resolution. The default response was pointing at network issues.

I’ve previously been down this road with Sonos before regarding my dodgy Roam that wouldn’t connect to the app. I spent a couple of hours over the phone with customer support changing my network settings and going through multiple troubleshooting steps. This didn’t resolve anything and I ended up exchanging my Roam for a Move. Problem solved.

My Sonos setup has been working for years on my current network with no significant issues so I’m baffled as to why I’m experiencing bluetooth dropouts… 

Just to recap:

  • There are no dropouts when streaming music over WIFI (Sonos app or Airplay).
  • There are no dropouts when connected directly to my Era 100 using Bluetooth.
  • There are no dropouts when connected directly to my Era 100 using line-in on recommended audio delay setting. 

Before people point out the obvious and suggest I just use the line-in connection. I’m using a Audio-Technica Sound Burger for the purpose of its portability, and I prefer to have a wireless setup.

I don’t have bluetooth issues with my other devices, and I expect better from Sonos. Customer support seem to just avoid any mention of obvious issues and Sonos ‘fanboys’ just gaslight you or offer ridiculous solutions.

Hi , I have the same issue , however sometimes its the ERA100 (which is the Bluetooth source) that cuts out  and sometimes its the other “rooms”  (but not all together rooms together). As you say this never happens when you run pure Wifi as the original source.   I have bough the line in cable for the ERA100 in the hope that it was a bluetooth issue (but sounds like it isn’t if you have the same using line in), hope to test today. 

I am also taking the drastic action of building a 2nd Mesh network (that no other equipment connects to apart from Sonos) to see if this helps. I am doing this partly because I want to use my speakers for a party in a field and Sonos for some reason have dropped the ability to change Wifi network without doing a factory reset on the Kit (which is absurd !!!) .  So going through the whole factory reset pain now and change of network setup and will take the mesh units with me to the field, to use without internet. 

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@bowwelsh It’s pretty frustrating! I’m sure the Bluetooth issue could be resolved by adding a adjustable delay setting like the line-in has.  

Further refinements for turntable users won’t be happening any time soon sadly, not until the app is fixed!

Hi,  update on this, built a dedicated Wifi network (just for Sonos and a single Phone) , I tried with the line in adaptor , however it did the same thing as bluetooth , speakers just kept dropping out intermittently. As soon as I connected the Wifi to internet (I had it disconnected as trying to simulate a party condition with Wifi router, but without internet), so  when connected to internet it all behaved.

Have tried hard coding Wifi router to use 2.4Ghz only , that didn’t help, then have forced them to use 5Ghz only. This seemed to improve things once router had initially been connected to the internet then removed. Could all just be a red herring though as its always so intermittent.  

I wish they would focus on fixing network stability rather than launching headphones and new features.

I want to plug in, play music and for it to work reliably. 

cheers Neal

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@bowwelsh That's a commendable attempt to find a solution.
I agree, it's perfectly reasonable to expect a seamless, plug-and-play experience. My smart TV has always worked flawlessly, doing exactly what it's meant to do!

i don’t know why Sonos can’t be the same...