Dual 1209 Turntable low volume; skips

  • 9 April 2022
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Hi all,

I have a Dual 1209 turntable (my dad’s, from the 60s) with an RCA cable leading from it directly to my Sonos Port. Then I play my turntable via two play 5s (gen 2). The problem I’m having is that the volume is super low and it skips intermittently.

Of note:

  1. It’s not the record skipping; I’ve played the same record on traditional wired, passive speakers.
  2. I’ve set the Source Level to 10 on the Port. It does increase it a little bit, but it’s still very low.
  3. As for the skipping, I changed the audio compression to compressed and that didn’t work.
  4. I have no wired Sonos products, so there is no channel for the SonosNet
  5. I have a Onkyo receiver (from the 90s) with a Phono setting which I used in conjunction with the Port when I was playing the turntable via traditional speakers AND a Play 5. The volume was low on the Play 5 then too.

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2 replies

You need a phono preamp between the turntable and the Port. Check the cartridge: an MC needs more preamplification than MM.

As for the dropouts, try increasing the Line-In audio delay setting on the Port. 

In addition to ratty’s comment, a 60 +/- year old cartridge will not likely perform very well (due to age, not original quality) and the stylus may be worn. MC (Moving Coil) cartridges were not very common back then and not likely installed on a 1209. This can cause excessive record wear and sub optimal audio quality.