connections to all sonos speakers dropping

  • 16 January 2024
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Losing connections to all sonos products . Becoming a regular occurrence over the last 3 weeks . Seems to be every other morning when i realise the sonos radio alarm has not gone off . Got boost + 3 other sonos speakers . App cannot find any of them . Only fix seems to be to power off all equipment / rooter/ boost and at least on sonos speakers . Note no other wifi using equipment has an issue . Its becoming very frustrating and no longer trust the sonos as an alarm .    It seems to be the connection between boost and the speakers that drop . 

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1 reply

Make sure that your Sonos devices are powered down when you reboot your router, so that they’ll get fresh IP addresses after the router comes back up, and you subsequently plug back in your Sonos.

Alternately, you could go into the router’s settings, and apply reserved IP addresses for all your Sonos devices, which does essentially the same thing as above, except more permanently.

You may also want to review the wifi interference FAQ.