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  • 18 February 2023
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Is it just me are is Sonos behaving particularly bad at the minute?  I'm constantly getting connection issues where the app can't see any of my devices (two ones and a beam) or can just see one but not the other. This seems to happen 90% of the time I open the app. Sometimes this will sort itself out in a few minutes but other times I just give in. Gone are the days when I can just open the app and group some rooms in less than a minute. 

It would be quicker to switch a turntable on, flick through some vinyls, then put on a record than to fire up the Sonos app. 

The lack of quality and consistency is really starting to annoy me. 



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2 replies

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Its just you. Well, your router, most likely.

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Its just you. Well, your router, most likely.

Maybe your neighbour has a new router. Or you or a neighbour has a new device which is causing wifi interference. 

Lots of posts on the forums with a similar complaint, and usually the problem is solved the same way as is put forward on those posts: setting ip addresses, fixing wifi channels, using SonosNet etc.