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I have never been able to successfully connect my Sonos to the app. I’ve reset it five different times it finds it on my phone via Bluetooth it connects to the Internet and then it’s never in my account. We were given this speaker a gift three years ago and I’m finally getting around to see if I can get it actually work. thanks any help would be appreciated. It’s a Sonos one Gen two speaker. 

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Is this your only SONOS speaker? Which SONOS controller are you using? Which phone?

No controller just my iphone 13

And yes only speaker 

Has the player asked for an update?

 I think that your player is tied to your account. While we in the Community don’t have access to your personal data, we can display a list of players in your system. The ONE is listed. This indicates that your unit is registered and should be shown to you when you open your account.

Are there any error messages? As you attempted to install the unit were you dragged through an S1/S2 update, dialog? Which version are you now using?

Yes- it gave me error msg 1101. saying the network could not connect for a software update. Tried multiple of times. Still did not show up in settings. 

I did a factory reset several times on my iPhone and my husband’s. Both of them detected the device but still have the same issues. There’s nothing wrong with our Internet. We were able to connect it to our Internet, but then it wouldn’t update.

I suggest that you work with SONOS Phone Support. They have access to system and network details that are hidden from us here.