Changing wifi for Sonos system

  • 4 January 2024
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Here is my issue: I have a Sonos system with 9 speakers. I have two active wifis: Wifi A and wifi B. The system/speakers are connected to wifi A but I would like to connect them to wifi B. How to do this? How to the change the wifi for all speakers / system?

I managed to switch a few speakers to wifi B by going to the network settings in S2 app but it is not working for all speakers. There is a help: However this is not working because I am not getting the message: Unable to connect… because all my speakers are connect to some wifi.

Also if I connect my Android phone to wifi B and try to add speakers to my system with S2 app, the app is not finding the speakers.


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4 replies

For your 9 speakers, are they setup as 9 different rooms, are some of them bonded as stereo pairs or a home theatre setup?  Did all your rooms come over?  I am wondering if you need to go to the setup for each room and can then rebond the missing speakers.

If this were me, I would probably just factory reset the remaining speakers and add them as new on the new WiFi.  You won’t lose any service setups and things like that since they are already on your system in wifi B.  However, that’s not the official Sonos recommendation, usually reserved as last resort, and others may have a better way of dealing with this than I can recommend.

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Turn off WiFi A when you try to add the remaining speakers to WiFi B

May I ask why you have two WiFis in the first place

Thank you for your help @melvimbe @Mr. T ! It seemed to be easiest to turn of wifi A. 


@John B I am having two WiFis because changing from cable to fibre. There are various devices like security cameras which are using WiFi. Thus I wanted to change the WiFi device by device to avoid some devices to be offline.