cant reconnect Five G2 back on network


two x Fives Gen 2 been working without problem for a year. 

Can’t get them to reconnect to home network. 

I have reset to factory settings but setup cannot find them on the network now. 

advice appreciated 


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First, please don’t factory reset them again, this is almost always a bad idea.

Try wiring one to the router with an Ethernet cable, and use the controller to get it set up. Depending on whether you have other speakers, this could be an ‘add a device’ process, or a ‘set up a new system’ process. Once you have the one set up, keep it wired to the router, and use the ‘add a device’ process to add the second Five (for what it’s worth, there are two generations of the PLAY:5, but one generation of the Five).

Because you’ve factory reset them, unless you’re adding them back to other speakers in a Sonos system, you’ll have erased all stored settings. 

Hi Bruce 

thanks for replying. 

I have attached one speaker by cable. However it is still not recognised by the Sonos app. 

I’ve explored further and eventually I’ve been able to get both back on the network. 

thanks again