Cannot register new Era 100 speaker

  • 13 March 2024
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I have gone through the adding process and named the room; but the new device is "not registered".
I see on my iPad under Settings when I try to register it:
 Incompatible Software Versions
The version of the app you're using isn't compatible with your Sonos system, so some settings have been disabled.

I have done every update I can find, but to no effect.

And now on my system I get
We need to get Sonos running on the latest software.
Choose Check for Updates to get started.

So I do, and it says I am up to date; but I cannot get past that window.

5 replies

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The app version on your phone needs to match the version on your speakers. Are they all the same? 

Having the same issue as well. This occured just after a system update. I keep checking the iOS App Store each day to see if there is new update for the Sonos S2 app available. 


What happens if you wait half an hour, then check for updates again? I’ve had cases where the update process seems to be checking before the actual update has finished rebooting the speaker. If I wait a few minutes, and run the check again, I always get a ‘no update required’ on that second check. 

This may have something to do with it. I just got a marketing email from Sonos about an upcoming update to the S2 app. Possibly, the hardware was updated before the release of the iOS app upgrade: 


Near as I can tell from all the news, both Sonos, and the reporting websites, this is only a UI update, and has nothing to do with the firmware/software running on the Sonos devices. We’ll see in a couple weeks, since May 7 is the date in question.