Cannot add new Sonos One G1 to my system

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Hi, I bought a brand new Sonos One (G1) for my system (about 15 devices). I can’t install it, since the automatic update doesn’t work. The iOS (13, 14) just spins and I tried the Sonos S1 route also where I am getting the 1101 error. Even tried the Windows app plus all other things like router reset, factory reset, re-install the app, log out/log in, etc. My Sonos One is running firmware v8.

It seems a lot of people have this issue with older firmware installed. Sometimes going through the S1 route (register there, update firmware, factory resest, add to S2) works, but not for all. And it also impacts products like the Sub, Arc, SL, etc.

Can someone from Sonos acknowledge this problem and if a solution is being worked on? I think the problem is that older firmware (v8 and maybe others) cannot be upgraded currently to v16.

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