Can't connect sonos beam to xfinity gateway

  • 10 March 2024
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I recently upgraded from xfinity blast (had no issue for years) to gateway for more bandwidth and now I can’t connect any of my Sonos speakers to my network. When I troubleshot through the Sonos app it says that Sonos only supports Open, WPA and WPA2 security. I found that the gateway was set to wpa3. I changed it to WPA2, reset everything and tried again with no change. After connecting to my beam through the Sonos app and hitting the button on the back it asks me to put in my wifi password, after doing this it gives me the error that there was a problem connecting to the network. Any suggestions ? 


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1 reply

I’m hoping you didn’t do a factory reset on the Beam. Try wiring it at least temporarily directly to your router, and see if the Sonos connects. I assume you read the Sonos Network Requirements FAQ, which would be why you’re aware the Beam doesn’t support WPA 3, but you may want to double check the new router - installation instructions FAQ.