Bluetooth connected but no sound - Era 100

  • 1 December 2023
  • 29 replies

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29 replies

This issue is definitely not solved as of April 28th 2024. My Era 100 worked fine until today when this problem occurred. Bluetooth connected, but there was no sound (unless i started playback from the Sonos app). I tried playback from several bluetooth sources, same problem. I spoke with Sonos support and the only way to resolve the problem was to do a factory reset on the Era 100. My Era 100 was up to date.

Too many times, the Era 100 will not connect to Bluetooth. It says connected via IPhone, but no sound. I called customer support, performed factory reset and still unresolved.  We will call customer support again - very frustrating.

I would just like to say this issue should have been resolved by now. Just about every other company on earth can manage to have functional bluetooth in their products. I am very dissapointed Sonos, your customers expect better. 

The issue remains. I had a call with Sonos support today (July 16) who informed me that their app (for ios as well as for Andrdoid) is very buggy and has issues with BT connectivity. Lost connectivity over BT with ios is well known it seems. And BT connectivity wirh Android is not supported.

The advise I got: be patient and wait, we'll fix it at some point.

A rather immature product in my view.