Bluetooth connected but no sound

  • 18 November 2023
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Same issue here. 

Diagnostic ID: 748604202

Paired device: Sony Turntable LX-310BT

Been quite a while now, possibly early December, when this first happened, too long imo 

Been quite a while now, possibly early December, when this first happened, too long imo 

Not really there’s not been an update since - it’s usually around every 6 to 8 weeks and even then some here complain there are too many updates. Sonos are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. You doth protest too much, methinks.

I think not! It’s pretty reasonable to expect to things to work when they are updated is it not? When I have 2 Sonos items that are currently redundant that’s not much good to anyone.

I think not! It’s pretty reasonable to expect to things to work when they are updated is it not? When I have 2 Sonos items that are currently redundant that’s not much good to anyone.

The issue was not discovered though till post-release of the last update 12/12/2023 and the extent of the issue was clearly not known and Sonos Staff did step-in early to say a fix was in the pipeline, but that it needed testing, before shipping the fix in early 2024 (assuming there were no issues with the testing) and so expectations were addressed and so far, this years first App update has not emerged yet. It might not be in the next update, if the testing didn’t go well, but at least let’s wait and see what happens when they do release the first 2024 update.

Best Buy got my money for the cable, so now I am back to the year 1999 again!  LOLOLOL.  :) 

The bummer here is that rolling back an app is super easy for them to do when it’s compared to saving brand reputation.  Unless the Bluetooth functionality was a serious intrusion point for hackers, then rolling back that part and releasing again would be the right thing to do.  None of this feels like firmware on the speaker either. It all seems app related. 

Additionally, because of the the way software development works in a company as large as Sonos, this would have been tested heavily and would not have veered off-course all that easily. These app updates are not research grade physics or rocket surgery. 

  • The Sony record player seems to be the number one connection causing chaos.
    • I sound grumpy toward Sonos because it’s likely Sonos here, but…. SONY and some of the other manufacturers may not be in the clear here. I’m guessing they too could have very easily built with old or odd tech. 
  • I don’t think I have read of a Sonos record player issue. Does it use Bluetooth?

Sonos has to fix this ASAP. I bought Sonos ERA 100 speakers specifically since Sonos states on their website that they can be used in combination with Bluetooth turntables. The bluetooth connection between my ERA 100 speakers and Sony turntable used to work flawlessly until it suddenly stopped working a couple of months ago (around Nov/Dec). Since then, I have contact support several times and awaiting this bug fix. My ERA 100 and turntable are essentially useless at this point unless I invest in cables and Sonos Line-In adapters or speakers from a different brand.

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Same problem here with a Sony PL-LX310BT. Daughter is quite unhappy. 

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I think it would be nice if Sonos could just send line-in adaptors to people that have this problem. Or better yet: fix the problem yesterday. 

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SONOS GUYS??? It's really taking a long time now, it seems like you're forcing the purchase of your turntable by making the Sony one and others incompatible with the Sonos system…

Really? 😉 Or just some thoughts of frustration what I could understand. But to be honest… to sort and fix some bugs takes more efforts and time than others. I‘m sure Sonos is working on this as good as they can. 

Yes, I absolutely think so. I believe it's entirely possible that Sonos is trying to get ahead of Apple in locking everything down, but I think they stand to lose more than they'll gain. Restoring Bluetooth connectivity to all the vinyl turntables from a technical standpoint is not complicated because it's just a matter of looking at the content of the previous update. Moreover, their turntable is completely dedicated to their system and is twice as expensive as all the others. I don't think there's much more to consider than that. In any case, it's really starting to go in that direction... And I regret it. I've been with Sonos since the Sonos 1.

Adding to this thread. This issue seems more widespread than I anticipated. I've been using Bluetooth for my Era 100 speakers, since Wi-Fi casting is laggier. It was working fine for the first few months (September - December), however, in the last week the Bluetooth has stopped working. 

While both the Sonos App and my iPhone connect with the speakers, no sound plays from them. I’m very disappointed that this fix hasn’t come sooner. 

I’m sure I speak on behalf of this community that an update on progress for fixing this would be deeply appreciated. 

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To clarify from our perspective: Stream from our iPhones (from 12 to 15 pro) via BT works fine. Not so from the mentioned Sony record player, which connects but without sound. The record player connects to other BT loudspeakers just fine (i.e. with sound). Thus, at least for us it’s a matter of this specific combination of Sony PL-LX310BT and Sonos Era 100.

I wonder what the difference is between the Bluetooth used on your phone versus the Bluetooth used by the Sony is. I thought it was all supposed to be the same, as well as backwards compatible, if there is a version jump. 

Makes me wonder if Sonos could be waiting for Sony to ‘fix’ the Bluetooth on the turntable, so that it meets standards. Is there even a function on the turntable to update its firmware?

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@AirgetlamI wonder the same. And yes, there is the option to update with record player’s firmware. But having read through this thread it seems that ppl had the experience of BT working in this combination only to stop (on occasion of a Sonos Update?).


Also there a quite of few ”related topics shown to the top left of here all describing the same problem following the Sonos 15.10 update.

Or a Sony update, who knows. I haven’t been following it very closely. I do know as Sonos is ‘last’ in the chain, it tends to get the most blame. Sometimes, that is appropriate, sometimes not. 

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Hi, any updates on this?

it’s getting very frustrating 🥴

Same problem over here. I decided to purchase this particular Era 300 over other brands because it has possible connection with my Sony turntable. In case there is no early solution I am afraid I will return it as it is not working for me. 

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I gave up/in and bought 1) a cinch to mini jack cable and 2) the Sonos line-in adapter (which probably really is an A/D converter?).

Advantage: Real line-in to stream the record player output to any Sonos devices in our home.

Disadvantages: a) Cable and b) 30 Euros more than I expected when I chose the Era 100.

Let’s see what the (previously not-happy) daughter thinks about this …

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@Harry Hirsch

You‘re wright… The Sonos line in Adapter has got a built in AD converter. And this btw is one reason why 3rd party adapters doesn’t work. They mostly are designed to work the other way as an analogue line out or headphone jack and use a DAC chip. 
There are also bidirectional adapters, but they also don’t work, because imho Sonos uses some kind of chip authentication with their adapter. 

Is there an update on this problem? Just bought the Sony ps-lx310bt for the sole reason of convenience (Bluetooth). 

The sound isn’t coming through the Sonos (Era 100) at all and in addition it’s screwing up the rest of the experience when using Sonos with my Samsung TV - the volume indicator numbers disappeared. We managed to fix it by unplugging both the TV and Sonos and plugging them back in (thanks Reddit). 

It’s super frustrating as we now have the whole thing set up and the turntable is basically useless without Sonos. 

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Hi @Fpalmi et al,

Thank you all for your feedback on this, we greatly appreciate it. We understand that you are eagerly waiting for this to get fixed, and while we can't give an exact date, we can share that we have narrowed down the issue and internal teams are currently testing a possible solution.

To set the correct expectation for everyone: There will not be a fix released before the year end, since more testing needs to be done to make sure the fix actually works.

While we don't have more information right now, we will of course share any news, here in the thread, once we do.

Is there any update yet please @Corry P ? Or any likely timescale? Still yet to be able to use my new speaker with my record player. :-( 

Don’t really want to spend a load on cables, and neither should I have to.

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Hi @Jth2023 

I don’t have a timeline that I am free to share, but I think I can get away with saying that progress has been made.

Should you end up purchasing a Line-In adaptor in order to listen to your records, you will easily be able to get a refund if you decide to return it once this issue has been resolved - though, as the quality will be higher than with Bluetooth, you may not want to. We agree, however - you shouldn’t need to, and that is why we are working hard to resolve this issue.

I hope this helps.

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@Corry P 

More than fair… 👍🏻


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Bluetooth is handy but when you want quality sound it is not your best option, the wired connection is.

Bluetooth is handy but when you want quality sound it is not your best option, the wired connection is.

I thought the same so went ahead and purchased the line in adapter and an RCA to 3.5mm adapter to make this work. But the sound quality is truly terrible. So lacking in depth. Something isn't right. Any ideas as to what? 


Quite new to all this. Just upgraded from my basic Bluetooth Samsung soundbar but the quality of sound is falling way behind. Quality returns when music is played direct via Sonos app.