BBC Sounds locking up Sonos Play:5 on a daily basis

  • 21 June 2022
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I’m having a continual problem with BBC Sounds that feels a lot like a bug. Every day, the BBC Sounds stops playing at some point. When this happens, the Sonos Play:5 refuses to play anything else. It won’t restart Sounds and it won’t play any other app. Only a power cycle gets it back. This is getting pretty old.

I thought it was a probably a Wifi problem (I have UniFi APs and switches) so I plugged in the Ethernet and let it run hardwired. Same problem. Checked all the obvious but geeky network stuff (it’s not being blocked on STP) but I’m none the wiser. The Sonos network interface remains up (it’s pingable) but the controller looks like it’s locking up somehow.

Anyone else seen this? Any thoughts? We just stream BBC Radio 4 so it’s not like it’s doing anything complicated with Sounds.


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1 reply

The Sonos controller App is not a ‘player’ it’s merely a ‘remote’ and the music does not go via your controller device, but direct from server to speaker via your router - it sounds like something is affecting the audio stream, but whether that’s on the Router or LAN/WAN side, is difficult to establish as another Sonos user here.

So you are perhaps best to submit a Sonos diagnostic report within a few minutes of it happening and noting it’s reference and then contact Sonos Support Staff via this LINK to see if the report reveals anything.