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  • 18 March 2023
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Hi all

After the latest App update 15.1.1 and problems with the boost continually updating, I turned off automatic updates, however, it’s now telling me there’s another update - what’s this for and should I do it ? 

Many Thanks 


3 replies

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Latest update was not a fix for the boost update according to the master Sonos Cory 

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The Boost wasn’t updating, but it did not let the system know it had updated. It worked, but you still had the blue dot. If you do not want any updates anymore (ill advised, but they’re your devices) you should also keep the app from updating.

This is not SONOS specific: I’m reluctant to be on the leading edge of updates, but this has mixed benefits. On one hand the update might fix a serious security issue, on the other hand the update might force a new feature on me that I don’t like or possibly has some issues.