Adding to Arc and Sub Gen 3

  • 12 January 2024
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I was gifted an Arc and Sub Gen and now want to add speakers.  I’m more interested in music than TV though having both is really nice.  I also am a bit old school and love the rich quality sound from tube amplifies and turntables of my past.  That said we are in a new era and I just want a really nice sound system.

I am testing both the Era 100s and Era 300s and having trouble deciding which are better.  The 100s give really clear crisp treble and left and right channel sound, though it feels like something is missing when comparing to the 300s.  The 300s are broader and fuller but the sound takes a deeper and not quite as rich tone….almost sounding muffled?  Am I missing something in the configuration?

In a previous post someone recommended connecting the 300s to the Sub Gen without the Arc? 

OR, how do I get better richer sound out of the 100s with the Arc and Sub Gen?

the room is a rectangle - probably 25 x 13.  8’ ceiling with skylights and one side wall is glass with a patio door.  Appreciate any help.

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3 replies

I also didn’t ask about the Era 5 - I’m currently assessing Era 100 x2 and Era 300 x2?  Does the Era 5 do better left and right + midrange sound.

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Are you testing Stereo or Atmos music?

I find my Arc adequate for music listening, a pair of Fives added to the front of the room and positioned for an optimal stereo image would be better but I just can’t see the improvement being worth the cost, particularly if I needed a second Sub for the Fives. 

The Arc / 300 setup is going to give you great Atmos sound, the 100s would give you some surround Atmos support, but more limited.

Using the 300s and Sub for front R/L will work quite well and you’ll get Atmos support, which the Fives don’t offer. I haven’t heard the 300s in a good room so I can’t compare them directly to the Fives but I’d lean to the Fives for Stereo, 300s for Atmos.

If you do that keep the 100s for surrounds and try the Sub on the Arc and 300s to see where you like it best. Maybe a second Sub or a mini-Sub if you like it in both setups.

HI Stanley, 

thanks for taking the time to reply.  I haven’t tried Atmos yet….still in the dark ages coming from stereo into digital sound on a quality system.  I don’t have a great way to set up the 300s for surround (ie facing the arc) so the positioning is L/R side of Arc with Woofer facing the same. 

the Using the 100s in the same configuration, they sound ok but don’t have that full rich sound….good highs but don’t round out the mid range.   The 300s give more full sound though the highs are not as distinct and forward.  Just different sound.

I’m trying to choose between the 300s and 100s and I think the 300s are winning.  They sound good even without the woofer or arc.  Now I think I need to learn how to configure them