Adding Beam Gen 2 to existing Play 1 system

  • 15 December 2022
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Hello, I have been using 2 Play 1 speakers paired in a single room system, using the S1 controller. It has worked for quite a long time. I have recently bought an LG C2 TV and would like to add a beam Gen 2 to the TV for Dolby Atmos and also use it as a separate room in the Sonos system. I have seen lots of questions about configuring Play 1s as surround speakers, I don’t want to do that I want the Beam as a TV speaker and also as SONOS room speaker. I think it is possible if I use the S2 controller - is that correct ? It looks like one option is to have two separate Systems but I would rather have just one if possible.    


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3 replies

Play:1’s are both S1 and S2 compatible, so you are all set to use them with a Beam G2 as a single S2 system.

jgatie thank you ! I have just found the article about upgrading from S1 to S2, it looks like just what I need. 

jgatie, I bought the Beam 2. It arrived fantastically well packaged, I knew it was going to be good just by the  packaging. Little packet said lets get started … very few steps, easily done and then I was fighting some kind of ice creature in episode one of mandalorion, Dolby 5.1, blood and grief  everywhere ! Then I got Alexa was Amazon music, some soothing cello. I am very happy - the packaging definitely told the right story. Its a great product and when matched with the LG C2 it is a great combination.