add speakers to five room. wont group speakers with five.

  • 29 June 2022
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Hi all

I just bought a Five. 
I have 1 one and 1 one sl in sterio pair
I wanted to add the five to the room. But the room got named (eetkamer 2) instead of (eetkamer). 
I reset the five and tried again. Same thing happens. 
Reset the five again. Unpaired the one & one sl. 
But I can't add the five to the same room as a one. 

Tried again

Reset the five, one, one sl
Added the five to a new room (bathroom)
Added the one sl to existing room (bathroom)
After the setup the one sl added itself to (bathroom 2)
Added the one to existing room (bathroom) is said there are 2 products in that room. Strange. 
In the settings screen there are now 3 bathroom

(bathroom, bathroom 2, bathroom 3). 

Reset all 3 again. 
Setup one sl
Added one to same room works
Added 5, makes separate room with 2 at the end. 
E.g. "living room 2” instead of "living room"


And when I try to play music I can view the 3 bathrooms and group the 3 rooms together. But they are in 3 different rooms. 


Is this is limitation or am I doing something wrong?

PS I also have a one, one sl, sub, playbar grouped in an other room. 


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3 replies

The Five cannot be bonded/paired with your existing stereo pair of Sonos Ones.  The Sonos Ones is it’s own room and the Five needs to be setup as separate room.  You can group the two rooms together to play music in sync whenever you want though.

You are doing something wrong. Room is just a label for a speaker. Give the Five a different name. They can still be located in the same physical room. To play them together you them.

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@Jplwolters Please also see the answers you got on the dutch language Sonos community: