2x One and Sub Mini not working

  • 12 March 2024
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Hi there. I just got 2 Ones and a sub Mini and when I stereo pair the ones, and then add the sub mini to the system, the music only plays out of 1 of the ones and not the sub either. But if I remove it all, the sub works perfectly with 1 one. I tried resetting everything to “start over” and I have the same problem. Any recommendations? 


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5 replies

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Firstly, just to check: are you sure you’ve set up the Ones as a stereo pair, rather than as two rooms which you’re grouping? 
If you go to Settings/System (settings is the cog wheel icon at bottom right of the app) your room should be listed, and there should be something like (L+R+Sub) noted. What does it say for your system? 
Then we’ll look at the next thing to try…

Yes, says (L+R+Sub)

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That seems set up correctly. You could try setting up the Ones as two rooms, just to make sure they are both working. Or, rather than play about swapping left and right speakers maybe contact Sonos support and see what they say. 
Very frustrating if it’s a faulty speaker, but these things do happen from time to time for any company. 

Strangely, the two ones work perfectly when it’s just the stereo pair, no sub. But as soon as the sub is added then it gets all thrown off. However, the sub works perfectly with just 1 of the ones. Not sure

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Time to submit a diagnostic and call Sonos Support.