2 SONOS - 1 keeps disconnecting

  • 23 March 2024
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Hi community.

I have 2 SONOS speakers setup as a pair.

They are connected to a network via a Cisco Meraki Wifi Access point and a small ipad with the sonos app and spotify on it.

These are located in a coffee shop. 

One of the speakers keeps disconnecting. I think it’s the same speaker...the Staff tell me.

Has anyone experienced this? How can i get around this issue?

It’s really annoying having to get up a ladder to resync the sonos every time it loses the speaker.

I have checked with my network guy and he says that the cisco access point is not at fault


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Have your tech assign all your Sonos devices a static/reserved IP address. Usually done from your router’s DHCP settings page, takes under a minute each.

Power both down, reboot your network and power back up and the issue will likely be gone.

If not wait for it to happen again and submit a diagnostic, within around 10-15 minutes maximum, then call Sonos Support with he number it provides when you have time to deal with it.

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Also make sure that aren’t any dumb router settings that block connections between the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz devices. “ he says that the cisco access point is not at fault “ based on what exactly I wonder? Did they even look at the logs?

thanks very much to both of you.

I will take this info onboard.

I agree’s quite a flippant statement to i will press them further on the logs.

I think we may even have 2 much more simpler issues to fix!

We have 2 SSID’s. One facing public with the SSID the same name as the location...and an internal SSID for Staff.

The speakers connect to the Staff SSID...but the iPad that uses the SONOS app sometimes disconnects and the Staff then ...not paying attention..connect the ipad to the public wifi instead of the Staff wifi.

I’ve asked Network engineer to whitelist the SONOS speakers and ipad to connect to the Staff SSID..and blacklist the 3 devices from accessing the public SSID. 

Also, one of the SONOS speakers is right beside the Cisco Meraki access point.

I read in some SONOS documentation that this actually hinders if the speaker is very close to the WAP. It should be more than 1 metre away...and it’s currenty not! 

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A meter is great but even half that can help some.

Might be easy enough to just remove the public credentials from the phone.