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  • 23 February 2024
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Hello all,

About two days ago, I asked a question about adding existing ceiling speakers to my current set up (Beam2, Sub Mini & 2 Play One). I have been advised not to.

I still want to use these ceiling speakers (independently of current Home theatre set up) as one of ceiling speaker is in a different room and it’s a pity not using it:)
The cheap option I am looking at is to get the ZP100 as an amp for these speakers.

1st question (maybe a bit stupid):  As ZP100 is quite old, do I need to connect it to my broadband via ethernet cable? or using Sonos bridge? or will it connect automatically to my wifi as any other recent Sonos product?

2nd question: Is it ok to have my current home theatre set up on S2...and these ceiling speakers on S1?

As I said, I have no intention (anymore) to group these speakers with my other Sonos products… I just want to use them because they are already there :)

Many thanks guys


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4 replies

  1. As it’s fairly old, it is likely to have failing memory modules in it, I’d definitely stick with S1 (haven’t oven looked up if it is even capable of S2), and so it would be best to wire it directly, or run SonosNet by wiring one of your SonosNet generating speakers. It should, however, be able to connect to your WiFi, just like any Sonos product can. 
  2. Yes, you can run two different systems in your home. They won’t talk to each other (no grouping). When installing an S1 system, I usually recommend unplugging all S 2 devices until the S1 system is up. 
  3. And you didn’t ask this question, but I would highly recommend instead of an old device like a ZP100, a newer device like the Sonos Amp. Sure, more money, but less challenges, and it would integrate properly with your current S2 system. The money you save by going with an older Sonos product isn’t worth the additional headaches, and constant fiddling, IMHO. 
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Going to something a bit newer like a Connect Amp would help some, particularly if you got one that was S2 compatible.

I’d still be prepared to fall back to S1 if it has issues with S2.

Personally I’d skip the aggravation and spend the money on a new Amp.

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Thanks very much for the detailed answer @Airgetlam 

A lot of good points. 

Much appreciated 



I’d consider the cheap ZP100 to be a “hobby”. It may need a special update that you’ll need to drag out of support. And it is approaching 20 years of age. Some of the computer related parts are approaching EOL. Of course, it could continue for another 20 years. (but not likely)