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  • 26 September 2021
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4 years ago I installed a playbase, woofer and 2 alexa-enabled Sonos Ones (1st gen) in my family room. Since in this configuration only one of the two sonos ones will respond to alexa, I think I will relocate one to my study and replace it in the family room with a speaker that is not voice-enabled. I have two questions: 1. what is the best choice of speaker to purchase to substitute the existing sonos one, and 2. Can I configure a single speaker in the study to play mono, or can it only be configured to play either left or right?

TIA .... Greg

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2 replies

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You’ll need a One SL to be able to pair it with a One. Remember to Remove Surrounds first, then rename one of the One’s as the Study. Then add the One SL to the system and rebond the Surrounds to the Playbase. 

It’s a great system you have, by the way. I have the same setup ( plus a few more rooms!) 😜

The Study will be mono until you buy another speaker and Create Stereo Pair

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Great, that's clear, thank you ...