which generation of Sonos Sub is it?


I would like to know which generation of sub is it please?

Note sure whether it's Gen 1, 2 or 3.

Serial number starts with 1707xxxx (see pic) does it means it's been manufactured in July 2017?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Moderator Note - Removed and recorded serial number


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2017 would be a Gen 2 Sub.

Ok thanks!

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Hi @Smart Home

I removed the serial number from your original post, but I have recorded the image and looked up the serial itself, @jgatie is correct that it’s a Sub Gen 2.

Dates can give an idea of what the generation a product is, however if it’s a year that the switch between generations happened (or just for any future products you’d like to check) then I would recommend contacting our sales team or support team, as either can look into serial numbers.

I hope this information helps!

Thanks for your feedback!

Just so I know in the future what was wrong with me posting serial number? What can people do with it given it's linked to my system?

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Hi @Smart Home,

Serial numbers are considered private information since they can be linked back to you and your system, so we remove them when we see them.