When will roam battery replacement be offered?

I have about 20 Sonos speakers in my house, so I’m very into the ecosystem… the roam makes me want to never buy another Sonos product. 

My roam lasted about a year… just out of warranty… when the battery died. It’s now a paper weight. I refuse to drop another $180 for a product that will last about a year and then it goes in the trash. 

This is a widespread, well known issue. It’s unfathomable that Sonos doesn’t offer either a battery replacement service or a discontinued whole unit replacement. 

Either offer the service or ripping everyone off by selling the roam. 


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The industry norm for batteries is approximately 800-1000 full discharge-charge cycles. Has your use been in that range? What are your symptoms of battery failure?

Sometimes the ROAM charging circuit gets its knickers in a knot. You can reset this by keeping ROAM on its charger for an hour or so, even if it does not indicate that it is charging. Then remove ROAM from the charger then hold the power button for 15 seconds. If your finger slips off the button, restart the 15 second interval. Roam will probably acknowledge the reset. Place ROAM back on the charger and fully charge. 

Refrain from Factory reset without further consult.

Make sure that the charger is functional and meets the requirements.

It’s been on its charger for the last 6 months. 

It was only off its charger for 2 trips. About 10 cycles total. 

I did every reset procedure known to man. 

I have multiple ultimate ears booms that are 3-5 years old and they all still work. My Sonos move is the same age and it’s fine too. 

Sonos needs better support for a product with a 1 year warranty that dies frequently right after the 1 year mark. Even Apple offers battery replacement on watches and AirPods and everything else. 

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This issue is widespread and well-known? I’ve been using my Roam for about two years. My wife uses it almost every day and it still works great. Am I the exception?

Have you contacted SONOS support?

Search up roam battery and look at all the complaints 

This is a hospital. Here “everyone” is sick.

Fair. Glad your roam has worked well for you. Nevertheless, many of us have roams that died early. 

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Have you contacted SONOS support?

This is important advice.

I experienced the same problem with 2 Roam speakers.   After exhausting all troubleshooting procedures, I decided to take it apart and replaced the battery myself. I found new nickel cadmium battery replacements on Amazon and now both speakers work perfectly.   


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Good to know, but l’d advise to call Sonos first!

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You're not alone, when I first got the speaker, I was able to get about 5 hours total in playtime.  However I think my problem was leaving it on a Qi charger.  The battery isn't good to begin with and now mine can't even turn on.  I'll be buying a battery and attempting to replace as opposed to buying a new Roam.  Batterys are junk in the roam by the sounds of things.


I have a Roam purchased 8/21 where the battery has died 19 months later.  Also have an Arc, 1SL, and a sub, so sort of married to Sonos.  Knowing the warranty ended 8/22, I was pursuing reimbursement from the credit card used to purchase, which offers an extended warranty of one year (not a separate purchased warranty).  Credit card company wants a document stating the Roam can’t be repaired.  Called Sonos and told that story.  Went through their diagnostics, and nothing worked.  Rather than sending me a document the Roam had failed, they agreed to send me a free replacement, despite being out of warranty.  And the replacement does have another year of warranty.  Have to return the failed Roam, at their expense, which is fine.

Not sure why they made this “exception,” but guessing they didn’t want to go on record in writing about the Roam having failed.  Regardless, given I’m happily married to Sonos with the other gear, I was pleased with their solution.  Simpler and faster than the hoops to jump through with the credit card.

Might try this approach if your situation allows?

PS I see they now have a battery replacement for the Move.  Hoping they come up with one for the Roam.