What is the difference Sonos One series A100 andA200

  • 3 January 2019
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I noticed two different series A100 and A200 ( I saw this on the package) for Sonos one. What is the difference?

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3 replies

A100 is the Sonos One
A200 is the Sonos Play:1

It doesn't have that meaning.

For example I see "A100" against a Boost, a Playbar and a Sub -- in addition to a One.
I also have "A101" against some Play:1s.

It has internal significance to Sonos. I suggest you all ignore it.
Super! thanks for the reply
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A100 is the Sonos One
A200 is the Sonos Play:1

At least that is what “About my Sonos system” says (I have multiple of both)

A100 - Sonos One is the Newer Alexa enabled, Supports “AirPlay 2” and will have Google Assistant at some point.

A200 - Sonos Play:1 does not support Alexa, AirPlay etc

Both are great, just depends what you want to use them for.