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  • 6 September 2022
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My Sonos Move is so useless we’ve stopped trying to use it.

What a total waste of money.

I’ve had it for over two years and it constantly disconnects itself from WiFi AND Bluetooth.

When I’ve finally got BOTH connected again it still won’t play ANYTHING - WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

I bought a cheap ‘ Creative Muvo Mini’  Bluetooth speaker and it works perfectly EVERY time - why is SONOS so difficult to use! 

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3 replies

In those two years of constant disconnection have you ever submitted a system diagnostic and consulted Sonos Support?

Likewise…. mine is so moody.  Works for a while then becomes unresponsive.  No buttons work, won’t connect (wifi or bt) and must be left to completely discharge before it will work again.  Sonos support is lacking and vendor return window is closed so I live with a product I really dislike.

Nothing wrong with the two Moves I have at Home. It’s probably one of my favourite Sonos products - works well both on WiFi and via a Bluetooth connection. I use them mostly on WiFi with Amazon Music, Alexa and SVC and the both play without dropout when placed around the Home and Garden - I’m using a Plume WiFi mesh setup at Home.

Occasionally in the past, I have taken one Move away with us when ‘glamping’ and run that on a D-Link dwr-2101 WiFi-6 mobile router, or Bluetooth and not seen any issues with that mobile setup either when travelling.

I would like to see the Bluetooth work like the Roam however, where the Move can be connected to both WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time and act as a line-in for Bluetooth audio to the rest of my Sonos system.

Its definitely the best sounding portable speaker available and a stereo pair of Moves really do sound amazing, IMHO.