Vinyl cover for protection

  • 17 April 2013
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I realize it's not weatherproof and wasn't supposed to be, however, it sure would be nice to have some sort of cover for the Sonos Play5. I have it on my patio next to the pool. It's under the awning and won't get rained on but it still would be good to have it protected a little when not in use. Form fitted vinyl cover would be perfect. Something that wont get blown off from the wind. You guys could slap your logo on it. Would there be any heat generation if covered?

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8 replies

And a cover for the Play 1.
Agreed! I was actually searching on Google for a dust cover and came across this post. I guess there are more of us looking for a product that does not exist.
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I too would like to see this.  But then I would like a "lock" in the software so that I did not accidentally turn on the outside speakers.  I wonder about heat as well living in South Florida, right now we move the speakers in and out as needed but it would be nice to leave them out.  Would the speakers get hot even when not in use if covered and sitting in 98 F temps and high humidity but not in direct sun light?  Mine are under cover and not in direct sun light when in use.
I just need a dust cover, so when they sit outside (under roof cover) they are protected from dust, pollen, spiderwebs, etc. I have a couple of Sonos 5 on my back patio, and while they are protected from direct sunlight and rain, they get covered with dust and spiderwebs all the time. Yesterday, I order a cover from these guys:
Resurrecting an old thread...

Check these guys out:
I just ordered custom covers here:
For the play1 dimensions the covers were ~$7 each.
I did the rectangle custom cover with h=5, w=4 and d=6
The website says they add an inch to the width and depth so I rounded down on those measurements.
Mine are wall mounted so I wanted the opening to be the back side of the play1.

They have an option to screen a logo on it too but I am not that fussy. A black cover with a silver sonos logo would look pretty.
The only worry would be allowing operating heat to radiate away and not have it trapped inside the cover. Extended play in summer may require the covers to be removed.
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My Play5's and Sub get some direct sunlight in the morning so I made these really simple crude shades which I put up

at night before going to bed.