unbury sonos sub controls

  • 2 January 2024
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I took a look at previous conversations in the community pool and it’s been five years since someone suggested Sonos create easier access to the sub controls. 

In that time the app was updated to S2, and the Sonos sub mini was released. But no effort was made to make access to the controls easier, despite numerous Customers requesting it.


It’s strange that even in night mode, the sub isn’t turned off. It’s obviously not appropriate to have loud noises at night especially when you live in an apartment. I don’t see why it takes four clicks to get to the controls just to turn off the sub, Which is something that I find myself having to do at least twice a day. 

There’s not even a feature to use voice controls to modify the sub.


The request for this feature isn’t unreasonable, difficult, or crazy. What’s crazy is that After five years, it’s still an issue. 

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1 reply

Not willing to dispute unreasonable, or crazy, but I’m fascinated by the contention that it is not difficult. This is something I don’t know, as I neither know a programmer for Sonos, nor work for Sonos, to confirm this statement.

From my own software experience, there are three things I would consider, as a ‘Product Manager/Owner’. One would be ‘Is it challenging to do? How much effort would be involved?’

Next would be ‘How will this impact our goal for making the system ‘easy to use, and a clean user interface’’?

Finally would be ‘How many customers are asking for this? Would adding it increase our sales, or should I be prioritizing other things that would make more profit for the company’?

But that’s purely from my perspective. The one thing I can say is if Sonos added every feature requested in these forums, you more than likely wouldn’t be able to navigate past the first tab of the controller.