Unable to select Sonos Radio Stations when creating alarms from iPad

  • 30 April 2021
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I am experiencing some weirdness when trying to select Sonos Radio Stations as the source for an alarm using my iPad Air iOS v14.4.2. I am using Sonos S2 v13.0.5. It will not allow me to view any of the Sonos Radio Stations past the main menu below:

For instance, when I select the Sonos Presents folder, it flickers for an instant but kicks me back to the same menu. Same for any other choice. If I close the Sonos app, reopen it and try again it will strangely allow me access into one folder but only once.  So I may be able to see the station choices in Sonos Presents, for example, but if I back out and try any other folder (Trending Now, Featured, etc.), I am again rejected and sent back to the same menu shown above.  I re-booted my iPad but no change. I then realized there is a new iOS v14.5. So I downloaded that but no change. I then deleted the Sonos App from my iPad and re-installed it. No change.

So then I pick up my iPhone 12 iOS v14.2.2 with same Sonos S2 v13.0.5 and I was able to instantly create any alarm I wanted with full access to all Sonos Radio Stations in each of the folders shown above.  But I still cannot do so with my iPad.

Any ideas?  Just an iPad specific bug, maybe?

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3 replies

It’s currently working on my iPad, FWIW, but I do subscribe to the Sonos Radio HD service, so not sure if that is making a difference?

Have you perhaps tried resetting the controller App and reconnecting it back to the existing system?

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I did remove the S2 app from the iPad, reinstalled it and reconnected it to my existing Sonos system when prompted.  No change in results.  FWIW, I do not currently subscribe to Sonos Radio HD.

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The issue with accessing the Sonos Stations from my iPad when I create alarms comes and goes for no apparent reason.  Today, I was unable to get the iPad to detect my Move while my iPhone could with no problems.  And this was while the Move was actively playing while grouped with speakers in the next room.  The Move, iPad and iPhone are all on 5.0GHz wifi and all located in the same room as this happened.  The other room speakers are connected on SonosNet.  First screen shot is the iPad and next is the iPhone.