Two play:1's with Sub vs two play:5

  • 9 April 2017
  • 3 replies

What sounds better ?

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3 replies

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As I said Play 5's 😃
What I did
Purchase two play 1 and a sub
Purchased two play 5

The 2 play 5 are the best sounding overall
Two play ones with sub take 2nd place
Two play ones without sub very good 3rd place.
Single play 5 4th place

I did not test the play 5 with sub at all
The play ones with sub are good but some sound missing maybe with four play 1's it would be better

The two play fives hands down fill the room the best

This is for my living space and just my opinion what I tested

The sub and play ones are returned.
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Have a search as there are a few threads here on the same subject.

Cost wise in the UK the price is the same for either setup. There is more bass with the Play 1 sub combo, but I personally think the Play 5 pair is a better all rounder as the midrange is much improved over the Play 1 speaker.

Saying that... a pair of Play 1's without the sub is very enjoyable and actually look quite nice. I think the new Play 5 style is geared so that in vertical orientation they look more like traditional hifi speakers.

Small room, try just a pair of Play 1's then add a sub if needed, bigger room or constant loud party levels then Play 5's might suit better.