Tinny Sound from Play:5 (1st Gen)

  • 14 May 2017
  • 3 replies

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I am getting very tinny sound from my Play:5 - same music is fine through may Play:3s and Play:1s - could the base speakers have blown? How do you check that?



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3 replies

Is the Play:5 in a different room to the other players? If so, are the EQ settings different?
If this is a change from previously, it is quite possibly a hardware failure. It has been known for bass to go gen1 P:5s. It isn't a common issue - Sonos gear is very reliable - but it happens. If the questions suggested by @richardwild do not produce an explanation, call Sonos Support. They can remote access your system and should be able to confirm if there is a problem

If there is a fault, ask about out-of-warranty replacement - Sonos sometimes offers attractive terms in these situations - you have nothing to lose by asking.
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Hi Both,

Thanks for the replies - yes, @richardwild I checked the EQ and that made no difference. Will try support now...