symfonisk picture frame not connecting/updating

  • 26 May 2024
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Has anyone figure out how to get the Symfonisk speakers set up on an existing Sonos system? I have a picture frame setup with a mini subwoofer, and I have been trying to  add a second speaker frame to make it stereo, but I have not had positive experience with it. Call Sonos a few time (super waste of time), and I even exchange the speaker for a new one in IKEA…. So, the question is what else can I do to get this set up.

SONOS if you read this, please send an update for the app, currently it sucks to help set up a speaker, and the Ethernet cable won’t take you to the update part (super weird), even tho the speaker is directly connected to the router. 




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2 replies

So, I was finally able to get the frame set up. I did use my daughter’s laptop and Son’s ipad. So I downloaded the app to the mac using website, after click on app for mac os, then in proceeded to add it to my existing system. At the same time, after hard resetting the symfonisk frame, I proceeded to add it using the iPad. Once the iPad was adding the frame, I click update on the mac. The mac started to downloaded the update (while iPad finished the adding but not updating) and finished it and then requested to join the existing system again. After all this, speaker was requiring the “fix” again so… I hard reset the frame once more, and add it again using the Ipad. Only difference, after audio pin and selecting the room, it never asked for an update, it just added the speaker to my system

This helped me SO much. It’s genius. Thank you - I had the exact same problem - and it worked. I’ve tried everything, but this is the one.