Sub with Play 3 or Play 5?

  • 17 January 2013
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33 replies

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2.4GHz and 5.8GHz are frequency bands. Each end of the communication channel must use the same frequency.

For technical reasons SONOS has decided that PLAYBAR will use (only) the 5.8GHz band to communicate with SUB and the PLAY:3's when in surround mode. Since PLAY:5 does not include a 5.8GHz radio, it cannot be bonded to PLAYBAR in surround mode. Stereo mode uses 2.4GHz.

As I can see there
PLAYBAR uses both 2,4 and 5,8Ghz
Excuse me but I am a little lost there.
What means 2,4ghz and 5ghz card ?
What about a set up using both cards as mine (sub that is 5ghz and play5 that are 2,4) ? Will the Sub convert 5 to 2,4ghs signal ?

Any 5GHz unit also has 2.4GHz support. So you can easily mate a SUB to a Play:5 or Connect:Amp. You just can't use a Play:5 or Connect:Amp for surround speakers with a Playbar.
If you're going to have frequent house parties go for the Play 5 option.
How would 2 play1 s with sub sound?
Excellent; it would give the 5 pair a run for the money, and will sound better in low volume listening because the Sub is better at retaining rich sound at those times. However best results are obtained if you take some care in speaker placement, with the Sub somewhere between the two play 1 units. Results then are on par with many HiFi stereo set ups.
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Hey marketplaceauto Welcome to the Community!

I totally agree with Kumar here. The 1s are awesome little speakers - they totally blew me away the first time I set up a stereo pair. With an added SUB, I suspect you will be shocked with the results...

However.... I think I'd be negligent if I didn't at least ask you about the space you want to fill? What are your intended uses? What type of music do *you* love?

The answer to these questions may have an impact on the best options for you. There are many exceptionally knowledgeable people here in the community that are happy top help you with your decisions if you want to provide more context. 🙂
The 1s are awesome little speakers
I agree; very high quality satellite speakers that don't have audiophile cred only because of the label and because of how cheap they are.
Also remember that in most places one can do a home trial before the final decision; something very worth doing because the 1 pair + Sub is a significant spend for many.