Sub and Flour - a short story

  • 3 March 2023
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Hi everybody!

I wanted to share something about my Sub. Yesterday my wife, while in the kitchen, decided to kill a insect on a vaulted ceiling using a two pound flour bag. Little that she knew, the bag bursted (just a tiny split, not all the way) and some of the flour got on the top of my Sub Gen2 and around it. I did not see anything in the Sub. After I experienced a tiny stroke :-), I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and cleaned the mess. Then I’ve put Master and Commander, Sub setting plus 10 and told my kids to go into their room. We did laugh about it how a split second moment of anger or simply not thinking things through could give you some not needed work. Now for the serious part.

Do you think anything could have happen? How is the Sub constructed, Where is the opening (besides the obvious rectangular one)? Do you think that flour can compare to dust in consistency and the ability to enter the SUB? Is it wise to turn the Sub upside down and try to shake it or vacuum some more?


P.S. My wife was sorry because she knows how much I care for my Sonos. I told her that a second One Gen2 could be the remedy. I am waiting for the response.

Have a nice day everyone



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