Stereo sound - choosing between (2) Play 1s or (2) Play 3s

  • 6 May 2014
  • 3 replies

I want to create stereo with left and right channels. How do I choose between (2) Play 1s or (2) Play 3s? My room is 15 x 20 with and adjoining open kitchen connected to the room.

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3 replies

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Hi User494435,

This is largely a personal opinion with people on both sides. The 2 PLAY:3s usually have more potential your room is larger. The PLAY:1s have a very surprising sound for their size and many people prefer them. Personally, I like the PLAY:1s and potentially adding a SUB in to really fill up the room, but perhaps the community will jump in with their feedback too. 

We'd recommend you try them both out at a local dealer and make up your mind, find a store here. We offer a 45 day money back guaranty for units purchased directly from us, so you can setup a pair to test in your home.
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Hi, I had a demo of both and liked the sound and look of the Play 1s better than the Play 3s. Bonus is that it is cheaper too. Obviously the Play 1 have even recently received a price drop with the new Sonos One arriving.

On a side note: The sound between a pair of Play 1 and a pair of Sonos One is the same as they share the same drivers but it is worth pointing out that you can’t make a stereo pair out of a Play 1 and a Sonos One. Also the Sonos One has voice control etc if you want that and will be compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 at a later date.
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I have a livingtoom of 9x7.5m. I also have a pair of play 3 and Sonos one. In my living room the pair of play 3 does a better job. Especially after true play tuning. If you are not a iOS user you may want to tweck the limited bass control from the app.

I tried the pair of Sonos one in the livingroom room and it sound hallow in some areas. And did not have the pop in the bass response. The ones live in my bedroom where they work a lot better filling that room.

At the end. It comes down to you like better and what you are expecting as room filling sound. IMHO the play1 are nice speakers. A bit cheaper then the play3. But if you are looking for bass response. You really need to add the sub for that. The play 3 is ok with bass with 2 woofer and a bass tube. Could be better. But not in dyier need for the sub.