Stereo Play 5s vs Play 1 pair with sub

  • 29 December 2014
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Moving to another apartment and selling my old stereo equipment I now have spare 2 x play 1 and 1 x play 5 on hands that were before used for different rooms. Due to convenience factor I would like to move one of these to my main listening area but i still question which way to go. Either i add another Play 5 or purchase a Sub to go with Play 1s. Having small kids my listening volume is normally quite low.

Reading this forum some suggest that the sound from play 5s would give me fuller sound but bass from the Sub would be much better, while others seem to think play 1s do sound better on their own when Sub comes into the picture. I understand the decision would always be subjective but would still like to hear some advice.


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59 replies

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Thank you for your help! I guess I will borrow a second PLAY:5 from a friend and test it!
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Meanwhile I tried out the two setups and I favor two Play:1s with Sub. My problem was the room, there was too much undefined bass, but with a TRUEPLAY-corrected sound, it's a deeper and better sound for me than the two PLAY:5s as stereo pair without SUB - although the last choice sounds also very nice!
I have two Play 1 as a stereo pair and two set up as Mono speakers. I just got a Play 5 home and I am really disapointed with the sound.
It's much worse sound overall than even one Play 1. It can't even play louder than a Play 1.
I am very sure a pair of Play1 and a sub will outclass two Play 5 easy.
I do have to agree 2 play ones with a nice sounding base I think would be my choice.

Now, will a Playbar and a sub give equal or better music quality than a pair of Play 1 and a Sub?

The stereo separation should be better with the Play1s set apart, the Playbar with its bigger number of speakers in my opinion is at least able to hold up to two Play1s. The Playbar is btw definitely able to output quite some bass itself.
I have a play bar and 4 play ones. The play bar is beautiful and so is the 1's. I think I prefer the play bar over 2 play 1's. Now I need a sub to try. However, the play 5's are nice, but they are not a great deal better than 2 play ones.
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Play:5s are terrific speakers.

Sub makes every single Sonos speaker much better.
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I didn't mix playbar in with my order of least to worst so ... and this is Music wise when it comes to playbar

Single Play:1
Single Play:3
Double Play:1
Single Play:5
Double Play:3
Double Play:5
Playbar, 2 Play:1
Double Play:1 with Sub
Playbar with Sub
Double Play:3 with Sub
Playbar, 2 Play:1 and Sub
Double Play:5 with Sub (yes for stereo separation I'm still giving this one above the playbar system as its the traditional sweet spot for music vs. all enveloping).
I kinda agree with your list, but what I feel is that some of these speakes are so close, but the price isn't. For example. The play 5 compared to 2 play ones is very close and for people to make an arguement either way would be a valid arguement, however the price difference is quite a bit
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Yes i did not take cost into account. Everyone’s value difference can be different.
Yes i did not take cost into account. Everyone’s value difference can be different. yes everyone has a unique value for merchandise, I just feel for the little more you get with a play 5 doesn't offset the cost difference. Just my opinion.