Spending 1k on SONOS ... Need to know THIS before I buy!

  • 10 July 2017
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I'm new to SONOS. My goal was is to fill my house with area music. While we may use the SONOS for other things as well ... mostly they would be on during waking hours and always playing some kind of background type music. To get the vibe I want, I thought I would need 3 sets of SONOS Play1 ... 6 in total. Living Room / Entry ... Bedroom1, Bedroom2, GuestBath, Kitchen, and Office.

My concern is can I (or is this even possible) do the following:
- Group LivingRoom / Entry / Kitchen (3 speakers) together to play the same track
- Have Both Bedroom2 with its own music
- Have Bedroom 1 with its own music
- Have Office with same music as Bedroom 2 or its own music
- Have GuestBath with its own music

Also ... I own most if not all of the music I would want to play. I have a computer with this music on it.

Before I go all in and spend lots of $$$ is any of this possible?

Thanks in advance SONOS gurus!

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8 replies

All are possible, with any combination you wish. To play local library tracks, your computer must be on (not asleep) to access the music. If this is inconvenient, an inexpensive, low-powered NAS drive can be used.
Yes you can - as noted above
I concur, all 5 are a yes. Now that's going all in but you will be happy for years to come. My SONOS system is my favorite piece of technology and my setup is similar to what you will be doing but I've got the backyard and garage covered as well. I also have a play 1that I call a rover for wherever else I can use it (back alley for cutting wood or in the front yard pulling weeds).There's not a square inch of my house or property that can't be reached by my system! My only regret is I simply don't need to buy anymore gear. Do it. Enjoy
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My only comment, since you said you own MOST of the music you want to listen to would be that if you use a streaming service, many streaming services limit the number of streams that can be played simultaneously. If you were to have multiple speakers or groups of speakers playing different songs from a streaming service, THIS would be a problem point.

But playing music from your own library on your own computer/NAS/whatever, in the manner you have laid out, would not be a problem.
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What MikeV said as well as everyone else before him. Each zone can play any source it has access to, in sync (grouped) with other zones or separately. But Amazon Prime, for example, only allows one stream. If it is all coming from a PC or sources with no limits then no problem.
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Family accounts will allow several different streams from same provider.
I am away from my system but i am pretty sure i have played multiple streams from a single Google Play Music account.
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i was very please to find out that Spotify will play multiple streams within one sonos system as long as spotify is not running elsewhere.